Organic Social

One of the biggest successes with Many Hands Winery has been the creation of a social media strategy & content production. This has helped strengthen the core customer base of this amazing restaurant & winery.

We sat down with Tony & Jenny (over a pizza and wine) to identify what was at Many Hands Winery core and how we could use our creativity and skills set to portray these.

The outcome was outstanding. We managed to show the passion, authenticity and care that goes into everything Tony & Jenny do. This flows through all media channels and resonates with their loyal customers.

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Email Marketing

Avocado Marketing has successfully carried out Email Marketing for Many Hands Winery, reaching out to their loyal contacts with relevant and engaging content.

We crafted a series of targeted email campaigns highlighting the winery’s products, promotions, and events, resulting in increased customer engagement and bookings.


We have helped capture the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of Many Hands Winery. From location, cuisine, events to images of the beauitful vineyard.

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